Workshop 1 INTRO – Seminar – Robot Learning

Sep 27 – Oct 1, 2010

The event had 32 invited participants; the newly employed ESRs, scientists from the organizing companies and universities, INTRO Visiting Scientists, and invited scientists. Slide copies from all presentations are available here.

During the introduction of the workshop, each of the research work packages in the project were presented by the work package leaders:

  • Cooperative learning (Hellstrom, Edan)
  • Cognitive HRI (Hafner)
  • Intelligent interface design (Meyer, Edan, Dogramadzi)

All the ESRs presented the research projects they will work on for the coming 3 years. Since some of the ESRs started their position very recently, the presentations also covered their previous masters projects.

The workhop/seminar contained a number of tutorials on various topics relevant for the project:

  • Human-robot cooperative learning – Shriki, Vitzrabin, Edan (BGU)
  • Attention and Cognitive control – Hellström (UMU)
  • Safety Aspects of Robot and Machine Learning – Chris Harper (VS2)
  • Timing related learning – Madison (UMU)
  • Human learning models  – Tabak, Bereby-Meyer (BGU)
  • Interaction – Janlert (UMU)
  • Face recognition – Li, Söderström (UMU)
  • Industrial aspects on learning in robotics – Jeremi (Spaceapplications)
  • An overview of commercial robotics applications (Chris Harper)
  • Emotion in natural and artificial cognitive systems (Tom Ziemke, Cancelled due to illness)
  • Perception (Tom Ziemke, Cancelled due to illness)
  • HCI models – Joachim Meyer
  • Review of robotics for space applications – Jeremi Gancet

An important part of the workshop was a number of tutorial sessions on the Kompai robot from Robosoft. Eric Lucet organized the tutorials and demonstrated how the robots can be programmed and how the simulator environment works.

On the last day of the workshop, all ESRs gave presentations on scenarios for the application of the future research results. One of the key applications was decided to be a robot waiter that interacts with people in a cocktail party environment.

Throughout the event, separate discussion for collaborating groups was held. In these meetings, details on the exact contents of each research project were outlined.

As one key social event, a dinner for all participants was organized at Restaurant Vita Björn a small ship on the Umeå River side.

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